Glacier National Park

We spent Saturday, July 2nd touring Glacier National Park. We had arrived late on Friday and basically parked and went to sleep. After checking in (we stayed in the St Mary’s Campground inside the park on the east side of the mountains), we headed out up the “Going-to-the-Sun Road”. Just a few miles up the road you can overlook beautiful St Mary Lake. Along the way we saw a couple of elk bounding across a field on the hillside, but weren’t able to get the camera on them before they were out of view.

└ Overlooking Saint Mary Lake (Mt Logan in backround center)

One nice thing about this road is that although it is narrow, winding, and at time steep, there are plenty of turnouts every couple miles where you can stop, get out, and see the vistas.

└ Overlooking Saint Mary Lake

└ Overlooking Saint Mary Lake

At one of the stopping points along the road (Sunrift Gorge), there is a bridge made of stone that is an arch. There are steps that take you down underneath the roadway and you can see the waterfall and stream cascade down the side of the mountain. This is still on the St Mary side, so this water flows into that lake as well.
└ Under the bridge at Sunrift Gorge

└ Looking east

After crossing Logans Pass and heading down towards Apgar Village, we stopped at Weeping Wall, which is a vertical rock face that water flows over for several hundred feet. You basically drive through the waterfall on your right side. This is a popular stopping point with a good sized but full parking lot. We hiked up the side of the mountain (this is called Garden Wall) several hundred feet to play up in the waterfalls seen in the backdrop of the next photo.

└ Snow Bridge at bottom of Garden Wall

└ Looking down from Garden Wall – Weeping Wall to the right

The trail further up got very steep and muddy, so we elected not to go further. Upon starting back down, Kristen slipped and got her leg and backside all covered in mud.



Here is where my lack of planning came into play. When looking at the information and maps, they detailed a 50-mile trip to Apgar Village. In my head I’m thinking an hour there, hour back, some stops – three hours. We only packed water bottles and some snacks (applesauce cups and some chips). Ok – we were gone 8 hours round trip! We did stop along the creek leading into McDonald Lake to eat what we brought.


When we got to the west end of the park, we pulled into the Lake McDonald campground, where there is a lodge, some cabins, and a camp store that had food. We decided to walk down to the lake first. I found out that they had reasonably-priced 8-hp motorboat rentals ($23/hour). We rented a boat and spent an hour cruising partway up Lake McDonald and back.

└ Lake McDonald from the boat – looking southwest. Teakettle Mt in the background

We bought some snack food at the store and then headed back east to get back to our camp. As we approached Logan Pass, we were fortunate enough to see mountain goats right along the roadside. They were just laying there digging into the dirt and watiching the traffic and spectators. First real up-close with natural wildlife on this trip.

└ Mountain Goats at Logan Pass


That was our day at Glacier. We departed the next morning to head into Canada towards Edmonton.

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    what did you do to fix your fuel issues? I,m glad you are all doing well.

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