So little time left…

So I am 16 days away from leaving. The RV is still in the shop getting it’s updates and repairs. I’ll try to find time to upload some more posts, but in the meantime, there is a video update showing where we are today!


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One Response to “So little time left…”

  1. Janet Anderson says:

    Really cool project, Brian! A bit of advice from trailer owners, although RVs may differ in construction. While the floors are uncovered and much of insides are exposed you might want to fill up space around water tubes and electrical openings leading to the outside. Gary used expandable foam over the passed few years and it worked quite well until this year. Worst infestation of mice ever! We think winterizing guy either left the doors open when he was draining the water drains or left the cap off the gray water pipe. Big mess!!! Still cleaning!
    Great idea to rehab an RV with your girls. You will all learn so much from the rehab and the trip itself. Have a wonderful time and take lots of photos.

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