RV Overhaul Has Begun

So, the monumental task of overhauling the RV has begun in earnest. I don’t think I’ve written about the exact plan for the RV, so I’ll start with that….

The most important thing is that the RV be able to make the trip to Alaska and back. 10,000 miles round trip. And be reliable. With that in mind, most of my effort will be focused on things that make the RV reliable. Creature comforts will be lower on the priority list.

My overhaul plan centers around making the chassis sound, the engine top notch, and the appliances all work. I am starting from the bottom and back, working up and front. First, we needed to the RV into a space where it could be worked on when the temperature outside dipped into the single digits.

The Shop:

20150926_121949This is the workspace. 1 bay of a 36×40 space. It looks big now, but wait, how big is this RV?



Yeah. That big! Here’s another couple views…

20150926_162337    20150926_165637

We had to remove the AC unit from the top because it was just 6” too tall. (And no, I could not get it in by letting air out of the tires)


Brakes, Don’t Let Me Down!

The first item, and perhaps the most important, is working brakes. And they don’t. After years of sitting, the calipers are rusted to the mounts, the rotors are pitted, the pads are falling apart, and the lines are leaking. This can all be easily fixed – turning the rotors, buying new calipers and pads, and replacing all the brake lines on the rig.

So far, I have removed the rear tires, axles, hubs, rotors, and calipers on both sides. The RV now sits on 8×8 blocking awaiting the arrival of parts.

20151007_214740    20151127_14172220151127_141734    20151127_14395720160116_150739

Stay tuned for more….

Hint: It involves leaf springs and suspension (“oh the suspense!”).

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